eLC Services Sdn Bhd

eLC Holdings Year End Countdown Party

It is eLC's 12th year! And the annual Dinner & Dance cum New Year countdown party was held at SAFRA @ 29 Carpenter! The theme "Blast to the Past", with dress codes set in the 50s – 60s was a blast indeed!

With music reminiscent of that era blaring in the background, old-school stalls with cotton candy, kachang-puteh and tikam tikam setup, photo booth filled with quirky props, and a play room for toddlers and young children, eLCians were able to let their hair down and immersed in this nostalgic mood.

It was fun to see creativity juices flowing amongst eLCians with whom you work with on a day-to-day basis dressed down for the party, especially the CEO aka garanguni man of the night!

Dinner commenced with a screening, simulating the infamous “Back to the Future” shots, aptly reflecting the past 12 years of eLCians' greatest moments.

Following the CEO's opening speech, came the annual Ever-Lasting Care Drink Ceremony by the BUHs, CTO, COO and CEO. The drink captured the 5 Core Values of eLC, which are Commitment (1000ml of Lime Juice), Integrity (1000ml of Orange Juice), Professionalism (500ml of Cointreau), Teamwork (750 ml of Vodka), and Nurturing & Caring (500ml of Pineapple Juice.)

Dinner continued with the presentation of fun and entertaining games in the intervals organized by the D&D committee and carried out by an awesome host; recognition for long service awards were also given out, and the hilarious eLC Got Talent segment where eLCians showcase their many talents.

More than previous years, the Lucky Draw attracted anticipation like never before with the prizes stacked to the ceiling on stage for all to covet!

Check out the attention of guests!

The grand finale was always the countdown to the new year. eLCians' motto is to always work hard and play harder, so as the clock struck 12, foam spray wars broke out and everyone enjoyed a carefree moment and embraced their inner child in getting the other person to be covered in foam spray as much as possible. After the happy mess, heartfelt wishes and hugs went around freely to usher in another blessed New Year for all to the tunes of auld lang syne!

"It is an awesome gathering! A time for me to truly enjoy being with my big family which I am proud to be part of." - quoted by eLC-TARMs Executive, Elyn Kweh.